June 19th, 2016



Yeah tonight was a great reminder why I was excited to escape the NM Furry group like... I can't even begin to describe the shit storm it was.
Getting a sudden onslaught of upset messages from my entire friend group, even more than that thanks to Telegram, AND even more thanks to FB messages, skype, and etc.. It is not an exciting. It is not something I look forward to.

Being the person people run to is exhausting, but I love the people in that group that I had to leave behind and I am still in a position where I can help them defend themselves when they need me to.

That being said. The hosts of a party should not be:

  • Assuming consent while getting naked in the public area of the GUESTS. Especially at an all ages party. Even if the minors are 'gone'.

  • Yelling at guests while completely shitfaced. Because they are upset.

  • Threatening assault on your guests.

  • Try to spread some sort of 'pity me' Witch Tears when an entire party is calling you on deplorable behavior that has happened.

  • Try to pull the 'Our house our rules' card when it comes to consent. The END.

I'm just so fucking tired of their behavior and I'm so glad to see people policing the local group, standing up for themselves, and speaking out when they are uncomfortable.


I know Carol is still trying to spread some sort of rumors about me still, but eh. (I mean. What is new there?) So far everything I hear is outlandish, or just hilarious in context so. I mean everyone turns around to warn me about it immediately, and I just laugh it off. It's just an old woman trying to defame me for some strange reason? It almost feels like an obsession at this point?

I know Sabot called me a 'cunt' and the 'fandom is better off without me' when I was face-called by the people who missed me and wanted me included, but then again he's been so disconnected from the fandom outside of his backyard I don't think he knows what the fandom truly is anymore. (Even the fandom IN his backyard)   I don't feel bad that he dislikes me. I don't need people to like me to be a good person.


I feel as if the current hosts are out of touch, of of date, and disconnected from the fandom as it is now.

It's unfortunate, because they keep pushing amazing people away; and I'm no longer there to catch them.

It's unfortunate, because they're killing their own group.


I'm watching the fallout across all the platforms. I'm genuinly wondering if people will forgive and forget again (as I have seen time and time again).. Or if this is the final nail in a long-built coffin for the local community.

I'm going to screen comments to this post. I don't expect it to go over well. I'm calling people out.

There is no way tonight is going to go over well. I'm going to give you the right to reply, but I'm going to censor you for the sake of the people you hurt.