Well no nerve damage in my arm.
Probably have tendinitis?

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Ugh. Shoppers.

We drove past a Best Buy today, there was a line starting to form around the side of the building, with about 5 tents infront of the store.

Holy shit, people are lining up up for "Black Friday" at 3pm the THURSDAY before.
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I've been going to the Hookah bar down the street about once a week now with Fel.
It's pretty relaxing, we also watch the Hitler channel. Which is kind of funny when we are looking at the picture of Buddha right behind the screen.

The store owner, who has taking a rather liking to us, asked us why at some point, and we both kind of agreed 'It is easier to watch than anything else, because when we randomly come back to it from conversation we still know what is going on.'

:> He wants to hire us both, but currently does not have the funds to do so until his customer base is established.
Until then? Discounts!
Oh and strawberry tobacoo is more delicious than Melon.
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Took the puppy for a walk this afternoon to get her leash trained.

Found out a lesbian couple live in a duplex down the block.
Also found out the kids in this neighborhood really love puppies! :D
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We Lol'd.

Fel was over today.

So the three of us were playing with the puppy, while our cat was being pretty cool about it. She even came over for belly rubs.
About a minute into belly rubs the puppy playfully jumps on her face, which causes the cat to flip her shit finally and run off. It was kind of funny. She meowed so pathetically when I found her.

Oh, and the puppy leaps over a step in the house leading up to the kitchen, and had yet to manage to land correctly.
This usually leads to her sliding across the kitchen floor, on her belly, then bolting around the kitchen table.
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So someone tried to pry my gas lid off to get at my gas tank Somewhere between Sunday Tuesday night.
They instead misaligned the hinge and could not even get the cover off to get at the gas cap.
So we had to get a friend to pry it open as we pushed the indoor button so we could actually fill up my car.
At least they won't come back thinking I'm an easy target. (Also I'm moving.)

Even if they had gotten in, I was waaaay under a quarter of a tank, they would have enjoyed, what, 2 bucks of gas?
The little white marks around my gas lid id what tipped me off. :x I'm glad I keep my car locked now.
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I have spent the last two days in Albuquerque. We are talking about "9AM to 'Came home tired and when it was dark'"
Last night we got home at 12:00 then I spent until 2am out at the E.R. with one of the room mates.

Today we're about ot head up again and install the furnace, and fishing painting.
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I've never laughed through the entirety of a movie before, especially one with this much violence!
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